What we stand for!

A home in the Hamptons is a great investment - that is a fact.
Taking care of it when you are not living out here can be a hassle - another fact! The solution: Hamptons House Watching!
We can manage, run, help you rent and maintain your property - so your investment is safe and you have your peace (of mind).

We deeply believe in the One-stop-Solution
You worked hard to earn that home in the Hamptons - you shouldn't have to work hard to own it.
Nobody wants to spend their precious free time on the phone to get quotes from different vendors, waiting endless hours for deliveries or only realizing that something is broken once you get to the house for that deserved break.

That is why you hire us! 

We are offering an individually tailored service for your property - 365 days of the year. 
Our promise is to take care of your property like it was our own. 
Our promise is to have the house ready once you get there.
Our promise it to make you love the Hamptons even more.

Amadeus Ehrhardt, Founder & CEO

Amadeus started the business in 2009 while working as a real estate agent in the Hamptons. Helping his clients find the perfect Hamptons’ vacation home as a broker quickly led to a new question - who will look after the house while the owners are not here? With a large number of homes sitting empty during most of the year the demand for professional and trustworthy estate and property management was - and is - high.

So Hamptons House Watching was born. 

Today Amadeus is working as a Licensed Broker with COMPASS in the Hamptons and he has build HHW into a known and well respected company, that has build an outstanding reputation with his clients for being trustworthy, reliable and thorough. This is why HHW is serving around 40 homes today. 

Amadeus was born and raised in Hamburg, Germany - maybe it’s that stereotype heritage of being on point and utterly correct that makes him so successful with his businesses. 
Maybe it’s his deep love for the Hamptons - home to him, his wife, their toddler boy and two dogs. For Amadeus each house he looks after and every service he offers is personal - so you can be sure your investment is in the best hands with him.