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When HHW visits your home we focus on over 25 points of inspection to be sure that your property is not at risk by existing or future problems. Any issue found in the home is handled immediately and the homeowner is notified right away. The most obvious benefit for having a house watcher is for prevention or resolution of situations in the home. Taking care of problems early on will save you the hassle of dealing with costly repairs later.
With every visit to your home HHW generates a detailed activity / inspection log that we are happy to email you to you.
Keeping up a second home can be a lot of work - but it doesn’t have to be.



Owning a house in the Hamptons doesn’t mean you need to live here - it can be an amazing investment, while you work on the other side of the planet - or around the corner in New York City. We are here to give you the peace of mind that your property is taken care of when you are not around.
As a client of HHW you will benefit from our Opening and Closing Service - from turning the hot water heaters on and off, resetting air conditioner to specified setting, plugging or unplugging appliances and electronics, flushing toilets and running faucets, lightly fabrezeing fabrics and carpets, running dishwasher on short cycle and placing baking soda in after your departure to turning on an outside light ahead of your arrival and making sure doors and windows are secure once you left. 

Included is a pre-storm inspection and preparation - organize the securing of outside items, bring in patio furniture - as well as the post-storm assessment and organizing clean-up. In addition we will give you a full photo report. 
We will also pick up and sort your mail and newspapers, move your cars in the drive way and give your home an overall lived-in look.  



One thing we love about the Hamptons are the seasons - nothing we enjoy more than those beautiful summer months, time to lay by the pool, lounge on those sun beds and entertain in the outdoor dining area next to the BBQ. But to be able to do all that - the pool needs to be open, the furniture taken out of storage and the BBQ up and running.
Not what you had in mind while dreaming of summer..? That is what we are here for - to prepare everything so you can focus on making great summer memories.



Did we say we love the Hamptons in the summer? We also adore it out here in the winter! And we are not alone - over the last years more and more part-time residents have been coming out for Thanksgiving and Christmas - and beyond.
Either way, if you are here or not - your house needs a special winter treatment.
We are here to monitor the temperature in your home, make sure the water does not freeze, no windows or doors are blown open and confirm that the snow plow got to your house - even if you did not. Winter wonderland is pretty - but it also can cause extreme damage your home.



That pool house needs some repairs, the front door makes funny noises and your kid's room could do with a fresh coat of pain? We are happy to hook you up with our trusted vendors, or send over our very own handyman. Let us do the dirty work - so you can enjoy your well deserved down time in the Hamptons!



We work with your existing vendors (landscaper, pest control, pool service, HVAC Co., etc.), letting them know that Hamptons House Watching Inc. will be their main contact.  HHW can evaluate the work performed by the vendors on each visit, address issues that arise regarding the service provided by vendors and ensure quality control.
Hamptons House Watching will hold the service providers to the high standard that you would expect if you were present.

In the event that one of your vendors walks off of the job, goes out of business, or continuously displays poor performance, we are happy to locate a professional and qualified replacement from our list of personally known proven-quality service providers. The same applies if you are starting fresh - we will find the right fit for all your vendor needs and make sure everything is done to your full satisfaction.