Finding Happiness!

One of the great things about the Hamptons is - as much as we feel far away from everything (Whole Foods anybody?) - often enough the world comes to us.
This week the amazing Lama Tenzin a buddhist monk and professor, visited the Ross School in East Hampton - again. He worked with the students for a week “to plant a seed about compassion and happiness” and gave a talk one night - open and free to the community.

The topic: Compassion. He might be a rather small person but his message could not have been more dominant: The only person that can make you happy is you! He reminded us to be compassionate. We tend to forget.
If we think about happiness we think of money, an impressive bank account and that nice fast car. Those are pleasures - he said. They will fade. Correct me if I am wrong, but it sure seemed like he was talking a bit louder and more powerful saying this... It might be connected to our zip codes.. It felt like he needed to really drive this point home.

Happiness comes from within. Nothing from the outside can give us lasting happiness. And lets be honest - we all would like to have that. It cant be bought (we kind of knew that too, right? But still - sometimes you need to hear it again.)

This hour long talk left a mark on us sitting in auditorium. It made this writer think twice during the next days and actually still today. Showing compassion actually makes me happy. Seeing somebody smile makes me happy. If that means I have to go an extra mile - why not? I definitely should do it more often.

Thank you to the Ross School and Lama Tenzin for this chance to stop what we were doing and readjust our focus to what is important. It sure made me happy.